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We work with faith-based groups and people of conscience to build a network of mutual support with those being detained and who have been released.
Together, we are restoring our human community. Together we are weaving a sustainable lifeline of hope, solidarity, and tangible support through letters, visits, and by offering our hospitality to men, women, and youth just released from detention.

Little by little. Poco a poco. We walk the way together. Becoming community. Honoring the dignity of all. Seeking to ultimately end mandatory detention of immigrants.

For more information on how you can be involved with the Restoration Project in Phoenix email us at phxrestorationproject@gmail.com


  1. We have a penpal/letter writing program, days of visitation, a host network to support people referred by community partners who are in need of short and long term hospitality, and provide phone and water support for those released at Greyhound several nights a week.